Vault adds fintech veteran Matt Beecher as new CEO

Jovan Hackley | August 15, 2017 About Vault

Austin, TX – August 9, 2017 – Student Loan Genius, inventor of America’s first student loan management platform for employees, announced Matt Beecher, fintech industry and venture capital veteran, as its new CEO.

Beecher joins as the company crosses $300 million in student loan debt help offered, increasing its reach by 200% by December 2017. The company’s first of its kind solution provides student loan counseling and contributions that help borrowers who work for companies like Pinterest and Twilio reduce payments by an average of $251 each month and shave up to 12 years off repayment.

“To get to the next stage, we knew we needed a proven leader who really understands the landscape of fintech and the problem student loans presents,” says Josh Pierce, Student Loan Genius co-founder and managing director of Socratic Ventures.

“Matt, during his first meetings, expanded our vision on how our technology can change lives. His vision and track record of success at every stage of his career made him the standout for getting us to the next stage.”

Beecher, a 25-year fintech innovator and venture capitalist, adds his track record of growing and scaling social impact companies that help Americans tackle major social challenges like investing, insurance, and growing generational wealth. Prior to Student Loan Genius, he served as Managing Director of Redstar Ventures and co-founder of SCS Financial.

“The companies who succeed in any space are those who aren’t afraid to lead when there’s no path. We’ve spotted a challenge that’s too big not to tackle.” Beecher said. “Ultimately, Student Loan Genius is bigger than a benefit. We’re working with companies, legislators, and institutions who’ve been around for years and want to help solve real problems for Americans, starting with student loans.”

With a problem growing by $2,600 every second, the impact of student loans on American lives is expanding faster than any financial problem in our country’s history. From homeownership to retirement, 73 percent of Americans with student loans report delaying a major life goal.

Beecher will lead the Austin-based team and co-founding member of the Student Debt Reduction Coalition with backing from the company’s largest investors: Prudential Financial, John Hancock, Socratic Ventures, Village Capital, Kapor Capital, and Capital Factory.

“We’re just starting to see the impact of the Student Loan Genius platform,” says Beecher. “This market is about more than refinance and our technology’s helping Americans in every income and credit bracket tackle student debt.”