Attract top talent with a workplace benefit that helps your employees crush their student loan debt.

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Make a Real Impact

70% of college graduates leave school burdened by debt. Vault turns your HR team into debt-busting heroes whose work helps you hire and retain the best employees.

Attract Top Talent

It’s hard to recruit and retain superstar talent. Set your company apart with a job perk that more workers say they want from their employer.


Get Expert Support

Student loans are complex. We offer advisor tools and services to simplify things for your team and help them tackle one of their biggest financial obligations.



Vault complements your existing benefits package. We make it easy and cost-effective to contribute to your team’s student loan debt. We help HR teams attract and keep the best available talent, thereby saving your company hundreds of thousands each year with increased employee retention.


Vault simplifies the complex world of student loan management. Our Advisor tool provides employees with a holistic picture of their student debt and uses interactive modeling tools to help employees make data-driven decisions based on their specific goals, like paying off faster or reducing payments. Find out how to get Vault at your company!

If we can leverage any expertise, as in Vault, that’s what we’re here to do. Getting in front of our KIPP alumni and giving them access to these resources, I think will be incredible in the fight for helping our alumni get to the point of financial freedom so that they can live the life they want.

Jesse Hendrix

Director of College Persistence, KIPP Texas


Vault’s vision is to unite employers and employees in solving employees’ financial hardships. We’re helping companies find and retain the best talent, while helping employees achieve financial freedom. We do that by offering education, unbiased advice and innovative solutions.

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